We at Disaster Management System designed this product to save the lives of our loved ones, and we want to share this vital product with you. Consider it a life saving gift for your family, parents, grandparents and friends.

Our families are our most important asset in the world.  Each day we strive to fulfill the needs of our loved ones and to protect them from harm.

However, such responsibilities are challenged when an unexpected adverse event occurs in our lives, such as a firefighter knocking your front door to explain there has been a hazardous material spill and you have 20 minutes to leave your home.  You grab a few things you may need and leave your home.  As you drive down the road you ask yourself, do I have everything? No.

Sad enough it is too late, your home has been engulfed with fumes of the hazardous spill and you have been turned away by the police. This scenario can play out on any given day or time.

Another example, overnight there is a global pandemic outbreak. You ask yourself, what do I do now?  What community will the epidemic devastate next? You begin asking yourself, “Do I have a supply of ???????”

In any event you should ask yourself now: ARE YOU PREPARED?

This two-part Emergency Survival Kit is designed to help you plan and prepare your family for an emergency event before, during and after it occurs.

The first part consists of a written emergency plan that guides you step by step on how to fill in the blanks to design a plan specifically for your family. This section has you fill in information such as: emergency contact people and telephone numbers, medical information for your children, a local meeting location near your home, as well as, a meeting location away from your neighborhood. It will also assist you with gathering important documents such as wills and insurance information. It will also help you complete an inventory of your home, i.e., televisions, computers, wireless network, etc. This section explains the numerous types of disasters and how to safely respond to them. This section becomes your emergency guide, putting the information at your fingertips that can easily slip your mind during an emergency.

The second part of the water-resistant duffle carrying case which includes emergency supplies such as emergency blankets, tarps for temporary shelter, ponchos, first aid kit, flashlights, matches, and candles, and much more. We have even included a few items especially for kids and pets. Many experts in emergency planning advise you to have enough supplies for at least three days because it may take local, state and federal agencies 72-hours to fully respond to a crisis. Therefore, you may be on your own for the first 3 days, whether you’re inside your home or forced to evacuate it.