Now is the time to PREPARE your family and plan for an emergency, SURVIVE the event, and LIVE a joyful life after a crisis.

This manual will take you step by step on how to fill in the blanks to design a plan specifically for your family. Information such as: emergency contact people and telephone numbers, medical information for your children, a local meeting location near your home, as well as, a meeting location away from your neighborhood.


Our families are our most important asset in the world.  Each day we strive to fulfill the needs of our loved ones and to protect them from harm.

The Disaster Management Manual is your best protection for you, your family and your property. Purchase your copy today.

Important Note: You’ll need to gather enough medicines, personal hygiene products, non-perishable food, water, and clothing to sustain your family for the period you will be unable to enter your home. You should go ahead and take care of this important step now instead of later when you may not have either the time or the supplies or both.

Many experts in emergency planning advise you to have enough supplies for at least three days because it may take local, state and federal agencies 72-hours to fully respond to a crisis. Therefore, you may be on your own for the first 3 days, whether you’re inside your home or forced to evacuate it.