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Guardian Grenade (Red) – Case of 36


Guardian Grenade (Red) – Case of 36


Be prepared wherever you go with the Guardian Grenade. The Guardian Grenade is made of 9 Feet of 550lb-rated paracord, is great for everyday use, and includes the following:

– Carabiner clip
– Firestarter with tinder
– Knife blade
– Fishing line
– (2) Weights
– (2) Swivels
– (2) Floats
– (2) Fishing hooks
– (2) Safety pins
– Alcohol pad
– Iron wire
– Sewing needle

This handy survival kit has dozens of uses, including:

– Start a fire for warmth or cooking
– Start a fire to see in the dark
– Start a fire to signal for help
– Catch a fish
– Repair torn clothing
– Use it for light towing
– Tie things, to yourself, to your car, to your clothing, to your backpack, etc.
– Make a rope ladder
– Make a clothesline or hang a tarp for privacy
– Replace shoelaces
– Fix equipment such as a torn backpack strap
– Make snowshoes
– Tie it around branches to mark your trail
– Create a shelter
– Tie bags closed
– Keep food suspended out of the reach of insects and animals
– Use in a pulley system
– Create a stretcher by tying sticks together
– Sew up cuts with the thin internal threads
– Use it as a leash for your pet
– Use it as fishing line
– Make a splint or a sling
– Make a belt to hold your pants up
– Tie your hair back out of your face
– Secure a boat
– Repair a sail
– Tie a knife to a stick to make a spear
– Make a sling to throw stones
– Make a snare to trap game
– Make a bow drill to start a fire
– Replace the pull cord on your outboard, generator, chainsaw, string trimmer, etc.
– Make a trip line
– Make a fishing net